The Furby is back…in pop star form. I interviewed Furby Living’s creator, William Kallback Winter over at Yahoo! Music. My favorite quotes:

His favorite Furby album cover: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday. “It just turned out so ridiculous, with the crazy eyes and muscular legs; I kept cracking up while I was making it!”

On the viral fan reaction: “It’s been a mix of awe, confusion, and utter fear…The reactions vary from ‘so cute!’ to ‘this is nightmare fuel!’; it’s very interesting.”

The original intent: “My initial plan was to create a blog centered around a few Furbies and their lives together, hence ‘Furby Living’… I had two Furbies based around the Grady twins from The Shining planned — don’t even ask.”

Check out the chat here! This guy is awesome.