Why I give Mindy Kaling my Most Awesome Birthday Girl Award

It’s Erin here. So, I’m a huge fan of that Fox show, “The Mindy Project,” but never did I know I was such a huge fan of Mindy Kaling until her birthday. Sure, I loved this woman because really, what does anyone have against her? But who knew her birthday would make me appreciate her as a fabulous human even more. Birthday’s often irritate me because who actually appreciates people flaunting “look at me! I’m so happy! yay me! and more me!” or “I’m too cool/old/smart/dumb for birthdays,” but with Mindy, she flaunted her birthday with a classic charm that made me stay after hours at work, so I could write this post. Mindy, I’ve come to the conclusion that I think you are quite fantastic. And here’s why I grant you my Most Awesome Birthday Girl Award


Even before her birthday, Mindy is so unabashedly excited for the day. It’s like Christmas Eve! There’s no shame with this lady. 

"Coolest day-before-birthday gift ever @jeremybronson"

And just like in her show, The Mindy Project, she is a real-life stylin’ fashionista. I mean, monogram? That’s class.

"@rivfifi only Minka Kelly can steal my monogrammed @clarevivier clutch. Pre-bday fever has started!!"

Wendy’s (yes, the fast food chain) announced her as a member of their VIP Birthday Club. 

"Thanks @wendys for the birthday presents! Your move, @mcdonalds!"

Even on her birthday, she is up at 6am ready to work. She does not kid around.

"This is 34. This is 6am."

It’s her bday and she’s on set, with her coworkers, and she’s so excited that she will Instagram a photo that honestly is not that special but is so special because it’s her birthday!!

"Amare, Howard Klein, me & Baron"

Her coworker fam are pleasant jokesters.

"On his Blackberry, Ed’s favorite ‘bit.’"

Her fictional and real-life family loves her. 

"Birthday text greetings from real brother and TV brother!"

Her show writers love her (and Magnolia cupcakes—tasteful).

"writers room bday cupcakes -Magnolia vanilla with chocolate frosting!"

She doesn’t have to fear for magazines and tabloids saying scary stuff on her, but instead, the people love her too! (or I suppose, more accurately and according to this Cosmopolitan piece, they “like” her—but really they’re being nice for “people f*cking love her”).  

"This is very nice! In my case it’s my trove of witch’s spells."

Despite her celebrity status, she takes a day that could be all about Mindy into a moment to consider others. 

Happy 34th birthday Mindy. You’ve proven to me that age really is just a number; you are as youthful as a sprite, as into bright colorsas a kindergartner, and as witty as the coolest high school class clown. Mindy, I think I appreciate you because you are unafraid to be excited for your birthday because you’re not growing older, now you’re only 34-years-young. Thanks for letting youth and enthusiasm and birthdays become a little bit cooler again.

"Someone died?? No it’s my birthday!! Hoorah for nice gifts"


(all photos from Mindy’s Instagram)